Certificación ACSA

ACSA Certification

ACSA certification is a public recognition to the quality of the services provided by professionals and organisations in the social and healthcare sector, through compliance with the requirements of different programmes aimed at fostering increasingly responsive health and social care to the needs of citizens.

This certification demonstrates a service compliance with requirements or quality standards previously defined. It is a commitment to improve the quality of care provided by bodies willing to become certified, since certification allows the identification of areas for improvement.

What is the Certification Process?

The certification is the result of a process that includes self and external assessment, in which qualified surveyors ensure that service is compliant with the quality standards defined in each certification programme.

It is a dynamic, continuous process that takes place over four consecutive phases:


Phase 1


Beginning of the Process

Beginning of the process. After the validation of applications the process is initialised through improved software applications ‘ME_jora.’

Phase 2



Service description from an internal perspective, providing evidence of the extent to which quality criteria are met.

Phase 3



ACSA Surveyors assess the information provided and determine the degree of compliance with the quality criteria.

Phase 4



Depending on the outcome of the assessment, ACSA awards its certification mark at three progressive levels: Advanced, Optimal and Excellence.

What can I certify?



Medical Centres and Units, Social Services Centres

Health Professionals

Competencies of Health Professionals

Continuing Training

Accreditation of Continuing Training for Health Professionals


Websites with health-related content

Why certify?

Benefits of Certification
Certification offers many advantages, both for organisations and their professionals and citizens who receive their services.
For organisations and professionals:  
    1. External recognition and prestige.
    2. Detection of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.
    3. Competitive advantage over non-certified bodies and organisations.
    4. Access to new funding opportunities.
    5. Optimisation of resources.
    6. Increase in efficiency and effectiveness of processes.
    7. Work organisation based on thorough procedures, protocols and best scientific evidence.
    8. Variability reduction in practice.
    9. Non-quality cost reduction.
    10. Change of culture and commitment to continuous improvement.
    11. Improvement of internal communication and teamwork.
    12. Improvement of development, motivation and involvement of professionals.
For citizens:  
    1. Greater confidence in certified services.
    2. Focus on their satisfaction, needs and expectations.
    3. Greater transparency.
    4. Greater user participation in decisions affecting them.
    5. Guaranteed respect for their rights.
    6. Improvement of their safety, reducing the possibility of adverse events in their care processes.
    7. Healthcare based on scientific evidence and standards of quality.
    8. Guidance on free and informed healthcare choice.

ACSA Certification Model



Plans, strategies and management tools for continuous improvement: process, competency and knowledge management, recommendations on best practices, safety elements, etc.



It includes the different agents involved in healthcare, addressing the quality from different areas: health units and centres, social services, skills, training, and websites.



It boosts and fosters the processes of assessment and continuous improvement, leading organisations on a progressive path to excellence thanks to its different levels of certification.



We publish the major outcomes of our activity, standards manuals which are based on our processes and our rules for the granting, maintenance, renewal or withdrawal of certification.

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