Certificación de profesionales sanitarios

Certification of Health Professionals

ACSA has been a pioneer in developing certification programmes for professionals working in health organisations.

Due to the certification of their competences with ACSA, health professionals from different work areas are able to display their achievements in their professional performance. This certification is based on quality standards driven by the scientific evidence available and the consensus of experts in different specialties. ACSA goes together with the professionals through a process of reflection and improvement that leads to certification, guaranteeing methodological rigour, technical independence, impartiality and confidentiality of the information

Around 8,000 health professionals have chosen ACSA for certificating, whereby they obtain the quality seal and aim for scaling up their level.

What do we certify?

Competencies of Healthcare Professionals

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How to certify

Certification is the result of a process that allows verifying the existence or acquisition of essential competences during the health professional actual and daily performance. The process gives a relevant role to the self-assessment. Each professional is the agent of their own accreditation process: they identify which is their actual situation, determine where to be and plan the actions to achieve it.

Phase 1 Starting the process

Phase 1 Beginning of the Process

Professionals must apply via the IT platform called ‘Me_jora P’, where the entire accreditation of competences process is found. Then ACSA will assign a tutor to guide them.

Phase 2 Self-assessment

Phase 2 Self-assessment

Professionals provide evidences of their good practice in their performance, demonstrating a certain level of competence, current or forthcoming, during the certification process.

Phase 3 Evaluation

Phase 3 Assessment

A team of qualified ACSA surveyors studies self-assessment outputs, evaluating all evidence provided and determining the level of compliance with best practices displayed in their performance.

Phase 4 Certification

Phase 4 Certification

Depending on the outputs of the assessment, ACSA issues an output report and the subsequent certification of the results of the evaluation to the degree of development accomplished by the professionals (in accordance with predefined criteria and standards): Advanced, Expert or Excellent.

Phase 5 Accreditation

Once the certificate is issued, professionals may apply to the competent body (Directorate-General for Research and Knowledge Management) to formalise the accreditation to obtain the final accreditation certificate valid during 5 years.

General requirements

Documento general de Certificación de Competencias profesionales

To learn more about the rules for the granting, maintenance and renewal of the certification of services you can refer to: General Document for Certification of Health Professionals.

Informative dossier

Documento general de Certificación de Competencias profesionales

Read this informative dossier to learn more about the framework and the process of the Professional Competencies Certification Programme.

Certification results

See all the results of certification processes

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