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Professional Development

ACSA promotes a competency-based management mode through deploying collaborative spaces and tools for supporting professional development and training processes.

The process of professional development

Professional development is the training process that begins after the basic and postgraduate training and is extended throughout professionals’ working life. It fundamentally implies self-directed and based in practice training activities. That it is why it includes an important component of responsibility from each professional in their own development.

Professional development is related with motivation to learn throughout life and it becomes an element of personal and professional responsibility. Professionals must learn through reflection about their work and others’ work while they are performing their duties.

ACSA promotes a competency-based management model for professional development which rely on three bases: map of competencies, continuing training and certification of professionals.

Mapas de competencias

Map of competences

Map of competences is an element that allows a professional to know which are the competences needed to perform their actual work. It will help them to know which aspects to improve to make a further progress in their professional development.

Mapas de competencias

Continuing Training

The training health professionals receive within their scope of duties is an essential tool that allows them to acquire new competencies, to update those they already have and to grow in their professional development. The continuing training formation contributes to assess and guarantee their quality.

Mapas de competencias

Certification of Health Professionals

The assessment process of the professionals’ competences and their certification allows observing and systematically recognizing the proximity between the competencies professionals really have and those which are defined in their map of competences. It reveals the good practice in their professional performance.

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