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Safety and Quality Strategy in Mobile Health Apps

Mobile health (mHealth) is changing the way healthcare services are being provided. It is committed to improving patients’ quality of life and safety. It offers state-of-the-art and more efficient ways to work by using new technologies in order to enhance citizens’ participation and involvement in their health processes.

‘Safety and Quality strategy in Mobile Healthcare Apps’ is a project created in 2012 within ACSA. The aim was to ensure that processes and developments resulting from mobile health enable the enhancement of services offered to the citizens.

Strategy-integrated Products


Recommendations Guide

There are 31 recommendations for the design, use and assessment of mobile health applications meant for all target groups involved, ie. citizens, healthcare professionals, healthcare providers, developers, etc.

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AppSaludable Quality Seal

It is the first Spanish seal to acknowledge quality and safety in healthcare apps. It is an open and free seal to all applications of public and private character both in Spain and abroad.

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Healthcare Apps Catalogue

It displays those applications that have obtained the AppSaludable Quality Seal standing out for their quality, safety and reliability. The apps in the catalogue are linked to a fact file featuring key aspects of the app functioning and contents as well as improvements to be implemented after the assessment process.

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mSSPA Project

It is aimed at the creation of a corporate catalogue of mobile health applications through customising and integrating services within the Andalucía Public Health System (SSPA). Certification will be the core element that will grant access to similar initiatives.

To obtain the AppSaludable Quality Seal


Phase 1
Beginning of the Process

After application approval, the process is initialised on a computer-based app.


Phase 2

Self-assessment is considered as the internal reflection carried out by the app leaders in order to verify the existence and subsequent implementation on the app of the principles contained in the Recommendations Guide.

The app leaders must provide evidence to support the compliance with requirements (ie. positive evidence) and detect potential areas for improvement on the app.


Phase 3

The app leaders must provide evidence to support the compliance with requirements (ie. positive evidence) and detect potential areas for improvement on the app.


Phase 4
Obtaining the Seal

According to the evaluation outcomes, a report is issued. If the results turn out positive, a quality seal is embedded in the app. For the full life of the seal the app will appear in the Healthcare Apps Catalogue.
(If the results turn out non-positive, the app will return to Self-Assessment phase).

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