We are an organisation focused on the improvement of quality and safety in health and social services

We help healthcare and social services professionals and organisations to improve the quality of their work

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We certify

We assess and acknowledge the quality of different elements from the healthcare and social services system through granting certification marks and seals.

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Our experts assess the quality of centres providing healthcare or social services. ACSA offers 17 certification programmes aimed at bodies in different fields and different levels of care, ensuring the methodological rigour, technical independence, impartiality and confidentiality of the information.
ACSA has been a pioneer in developing certification programmes for professionals working in health organisations. Through certification of their competencies by ACSA, health professionals from 79 different work areas are able to display their achievements in their professional performance, according to quality standards driven by the scientific evidence available and the consensus of experts in different specialities. ACSA accompanies professional along the path of analysis and improvement that leads to certification, ensuring methodological thoroughness, technical independence, impartiality and confidentiality.
The training received by health professionals is a key element for the development of an appropriate attention to the health of citizens. Quality healthcare requires quality training. That is why, within the dimensions that are the subject of their certification work, ACSA also includes continuing training, i.e. the type of training received by health professionals in the scope of their job functions.
The certification of web pages consists on verifying the level of trust and reliability that health websites possess regarding the service and content offered as a verified, reliable and user-oriented source of truthful information. Our experts assess the quality and reliability of health-based websites employing as well as quality standards drawn by teams of experts (Technical Advisory Committees) included in certification manuals.
The AppSaludable Quality Seal acknowledges health apps that comply with our recommendations about quality and safety, allowing the citizens to use them reliably and avoiding risks.
We acknowledge centres that use WHO safe practices in surgery, such as the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist.
Through the Safe Hands Seal we acknowledge centres developing initiatives for hand hygiene improvement.
Our Pain Relief Seal acknowledge centres that comply with several recommendations for the improvement of pain management in healthcare.

We provide tools in order to improve quality and safety in health and social services

Certification Tools

Mobile Apps for Patients and Professionals

Web Tools for Professional Development

Web Tools for Patient Safety

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