During the meeting, possible channels of collaboration have been analysed in areas such as the assessment of mobile health applications, digital competencies and information systems within the health sector

The Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality (ACSA) and the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health (SCMS) of Portugal have shared their views with regard to digital health during a meeting held last Monday in Lisbon. The aim of this working session has been the exchange of information regarding the activity and projects developed by both institutions in areas such as digital health and mHealth, as well as the analysis of possible channels of collaboration. 

ACSA’s Director, Antonio Torres, and the Head of SPMS, Henrique Martins, have taken part in the meeting, among others. During the session, the Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality has presented its track record with regard to digital health through projects such as the Strategy for quality and security of mobile health applications, the Seal Appsaludable, its contribution to the strategy of mobility of the Andalusian Public Health System, as well as its participation in initiatives at European level.

Both institutions have committed themselves to developing a cooperation in the next few months with regard to digital health, and they have also agreed that the next meeting will be held in spring in Seville. In particular, the cooperation between both institutions may be developed around lines such as the assessment of health apps, digital competencies, information systems and analysis of data within the health sector. In addition, ACSA has been invited to participate in the “Portugal eHealth Summit 2019”, which will take place from the 19th to the 22nd of March in Lisbon.

The Shared Services of the Ministry of Health of Portugal provides all the facilities and services within the Portuguese National Health System with support services in areas such as purchases and logistics, financial services, human resources, information systems and technologies and communication. The SPMS are included in the consortium of European institutions that was established and is headed by ACSA for the constitution of the first centre of innovation and knowledge about mHealth in Europe, the “mHealth Hub”.

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