Advances in knowledge, in the understanding of the course of illnesses and the search for possible solutions are the grounding for improvements to people’s Health. The creation of new ground-breaking therapies and treatments; the development of technology to improve healthcare; and the training and preparation of professionals are, undoubtedly, factors that foster improvements in citizens’ health. The Progreso y salud Andalusian Public Foundation (FPS, Fundación Pública Andaluza Progreso y Salud), is the backbone for biomedical research in Andalusia. We stay attentive to the demand of resources from research centres and researchers, focused on incentivising the growth of our scientific output and on the transferring of research results to the industry, thus enabling the marketing of new products and services. We ensure the clinical yet humane nature of the studies undertaken in our autonomous community, and contribute, through solid training, to uphold the finest professional healthcare force available for our Health System.    To achieve this, our work is structured on three lines of activity. A first line for Research and Innovation (R&I) in Health, comprises all activities related to the management of research centres, projects and initiatives commissioned by the Health and Families Council, and the fostering of human capital development programs in research, international projects and technology transfer. Alongside the R&I line stands the IAVANTE Line, focused mainly on the training and assessment of the technical skills of professionals in the Health sector. Thus, the mission of IAVANTE is the facilitation and fostering of the development and comprehensive training in the sphere of healthcare, through ground-breaking learning methodologies and spearheading the development and innovation on healthcare technologies.

Within the framework of the ICT Strategy of the Healthcare System, the ICT Health Innovation Line has the purpose of serving as an instrument for the compliance with the Strategy’s aims, in accordance with the Directives set forth by the Regional Ministry of Health and Families.

Furthermore, the Progreso y Salud Foundation boasts within its structure the Andalusian Health Quality Agency (Agencia de Calidad Sanitaria de Andalucía), boosting the presence of the Andalusian Quality Model and certifying the quality standards involved in the different elements that comprise the healthcare system (centres and units, professionals, ongoing training).

All the foregoing activity could not be performed without the healthcare professionals who form the progreso y Salud Foundation and without the praising and support of our endeavours by the Regional Health and Families Council, which encourages us to undertake enthusiastically the public service we provide.

From this web space, we would like publicize who we are, what we do, what we offer. This is our window into the world, serving also as an access to the social media sites in which the Progress and Health Foundation is active. 


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