Services for Industry

Identifying incentives and funding sources

SSPA research groups work closely with industry for the joint development of R&I projects. At OTT-SSPA, we promote this activity by advising companies on the best funding strategies available (Calls for Human Resources, Infrastructures, Public Investment Funds, Risk Capital, etc.) and by establishing action and support plans to access such funding. Please feel free to consult the "Guide for Public/Private Collaboration" or contact us directly if you prefer. Learn more: contact us here


Identifying research groups

The Andalusian Public Healthcare System (SSPA) has over 100,000 professionals specialising in a wide range of health-related disciplines. Many of these professionals actively participate in the development of basic research and applied clinical projects and collaborate closely with industry. Their expertise ranges from designing and conducting clinical trials, including preclinical development and personalised medicine, through to the design and validation of medical products and ICT applications (Information and Communications Technologies). Learn more: contact us here


Research Platforms

The Andalusian Public Healthcare System (SSPA) has a large number of latest-generation research-oriented platforms (Sequencing, Multimodal Imaging, Phase 1 Clinical Trial Rooms, GMP Laboratories, and others). These infrastructures are available to industry and research groups for the development of joint projects or service provision. The Investiga+ portal is available to search for the platforms and services best suited to your requirements. Alternatively, you can contact us directly. Learn more: contact us here


Identifying business location spaces

Among the OTT-SSPA's objectives is to promote and foster the growth of the business network of the health sector in Andalusia, as a creator of wealth, innovation and employment in the region. To this end, it actively collaborates with the Regional Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment (CICE) to attract innovative business initiatives and offer a personalised service to any domestic and foreign company in the health sector with an interest in setting up, growing its business or cooperating technologically and entrepreneurially in Andalusia. Learn more: contact us here