Services for Researchers

Outcome protection

The OTT-SSPA offers a service, which is free of charge, adaptable and simple, to protect the technologies created by professionals in the Andalusian Public Healthcare System by defining and implementing the most suitable protection strategy (patents, utility models, intellectual property registry, etc). Its goal is to add value to these technologies and attract the interest of industrial partners to develop and exploit them; it is aware of the essential role played by the dissemination and publication of outcomes. Learn more: contact us here

Protection process · Frequently asked questions


Funding opportunities

The OTT-SSPA offers a consultancy and support service to identify the funding opportunities best suited to the needs of SSPA professionals to conduct R&I projects in collaboration with industry. We are also working to identify industrial partners who have the best fit with the project requirements and can make access to funding possible. The different funding sources can be consulted through SEARCH FOR CALLS. Alternatively you can contact us directly if you prefer. Learn more: contact us here


Commercialisation of outcomes

A priority at OTT-SSPA is the development and commercialisation through industrial partners of the technologies developed at the Andalusian Public Healthcare System (SSPA). Every year, over 50 new technologies become part of the SSPA's Technology Portfolio, the entire commercial management of which is conducted by the OTT-SSPA. The success of this activity generates economic returns that help to refinance R&I and increase the scientific and collaborative excellence of the research groups through their participation in business-led technology development projects. Learn more: contact us here


Legal Support

The SSPA's Transfer Office offers its professionals a free and personalised legal support service in order to provide the right legal framework for relations with other institutions and companies. Establishing this legal framework contributes to the correct execution of the collaborative projects and makes it possible to safeguard the interests of the groups and the SSPA. Among other things, it regularly produces collaboration, service provision and confidentiality agreements while at the same time participating and advising on negotiating processes. Learn more: contact us here


Creation of spin-offs

The OTT-SSPA offers support, consultancy and guidance to entrepreneurs over the whole process of creating spin-offs or technology-based companies emerging from technologies developed by SSPA professionals. By establishing agreements and contacts with different institutions, companies and investors, the OTT-SSPA makes available to the SSPA research community resources that promote entrepreneurial activity and facilitate the entrepreneur's access to: read more

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