Success Stories





Every year, the OTT-SSPA submits over 100 new registrations of Industrial and Intellectual Property (patents, utility models and intellectual property registrations). This has established it as one of the main transfer offices in the country in terms of the number of applications filed in the biohealthcare area. All registrations that protect technologies generated at the SSPA are available in different formats and can be consulted on the following links: List of Patents and Catalogue of Technology Offers. Learn more: contact us here




One of the main activities focuses on establishing exploitation agreements –for the most part licensing and distribution contracts–, with industry so as to develop and exploit SSPA technologies. Since 2009, over 60 agreements have been reached in various areas such as cell therapy, information and communication technologies, diagnostics, medical devices and cosmetic surgery. An abridged version of these agreements is available for download on the following link: success stories in transferLearn more: contact us here




At the OTT-SSPA we make a special effort to promote the creation of spin-offs as a vehicle for the correct and efficient exploitation of some of SSPA's technologies. To date, this Spin-off Creation service has promoted the creation of 16 new companies in the last three years. Executive summaries, contact details and information on SSPA technology being exploited by these companies is available for download on the following link: company catalogue. Learn more: contact us here