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Hospital - Servicios Médicos - Cardiovascular Surgery - Care Services Portfolio

Care Services Portfolio

Coronary Surgery

    • Coronary Bypass with extracorporeal circulation (Arterial and /or Venous Conduits)
    • Off pump coronay artery bypass
    • Coronary Endarterectomy
    • Reoperations in Coronary Surgery
    • C.I.V. postinfarction
    • Postinfarction acute mitral resurgitation
    • Breaking down of the left ventricle wall
    • Ventricular Aneurisma

    Valvular Surgery

    • Aortic valve replacement with mechanical prosthesis
    • Aortic valve replacement with biological prosthesis
    • Aortic valve replacement with biological prosthesis without STENT
    • Aortic valve replacement with Homograft
    • Intervención de Ross
    • Aortic Ring expansion
    • Mitral commissurotomy with the extracorporeal circulation
    • Surgery for mitral valve regurgitation (degenerative, ischaemic, rheumatic,dilated cardiomyopathy)
    • Reconstrutive surgery of the aortic valve
    • Mitral valve replacement with mecanical prosthesis
    • Mitral valve replacement with biological prosthesis
    • Reconstructive surgery of the tricuspid valve 
    • Tricuspid valve replacement with mechanical prosthesis
    • Tricuspid valve replacement with biological prosthesis
    • Multiple valve surgery (mitro-aórtica, mitro-tricuspídea, mitro-aorto-tricuspídea)
    • Infectious endocarditis about native or prosthesic valve
    • Complications of the prosthesis (fallo estructural, leak, trombosis)
    • Other reoperations for valve surgery
    • Minimally invasive valve surgery . Minithoracotomy approach
    • Mitral surgery + Surgical ablation of atrial fibrillation

    Surgery of the great Vessels

    • Ascending aorta replacement
    • Aortic root radical replacement (tubo valvulado, homoinjerto, autoinjerto)
    • Ascending aorta replacement with aortic valve repair (técnica de David, Yacoub y similares)
    • Partial aortic arch replacement
    • Total aortic arch replacement.Borst and classical technique with open endoprosthesis
    • Descending thoracic aorta replacement
    • Thoraco-abdominal aorta replacement
    • Acute aortic dissection (Type A,B)
    • Chornic aortic dissection (Type A , B)
    • Aortic Intramural Hematoma
    • Penatrating atherosclerotic ulcer of the intrathoracic aorta
    • Endovascular treatment of aneurysms,dissections and ruptura of the intrathoracic aorta
    • Reoperation in intrathoracic aorta

    Other Heart Diseases

      • Valvular and coronary surgery
      • Subaortic,idiopathic and hypertrophic stenosis
      • Benign and Malignant Herat Tumors
      • Extensión to the right atrium of infradiaphragmatic  tumors
      • Penetrating and nonpenetrating traumatisms of the heart
      • Traumatic ruptura of thoracic aorta (acute and chronic). Other injuries of the great vessels of the torax
      • Pulmonary embolectomy
      • Pericardial window
      • Pericardiectomy
      • Benign and malignat pericardial tumors
      • Traumatisms of the pericardium

      Heart Transplant

        • Orthopic and Heterotopic Heart Transplantation
        • Heart-Lung Transplant
        • Heart Retransplantation

        Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmias

        1. Bradyarrhythmias
          • Endocardial and Epicardial pacemaker implantation (VVI, VDD, DDD, etc.)
          • Cardiac Resynchronization
          • depleted pacemaker generator replacing
          • Complete pacemaker extraction with Cook system

               2. Tachyarrhythmias

            • Implantable defibrillators
            • Cardiac resynchronization
            • Complete DAI extraction with Cook system

            Ventricular Assistance

              • Ventricular Asístanse: External Systems/Implantable Systems
              • ECMO
              • Artificial  Heart(Ventricular asístanse as destination theraphy)

              Congenital Heart Diseases


              Pulmonary sistemic Fistulas

                • Percutaneous closure of fistulas
                • Fistula stenosis. Stent
                • Modified Blalock (De Leval fistula )
                • Central Fistula

                Pulmonary Bandung artery


                • Percutaneous Atrialseptostomy (Rashkind)
                • Blalock- Nalón Operation


                Ductus Arteriosus

                • Percutaneous Closure
                • Stenting of ductus dependent cardiopathies
                • Neonatal surgical closure,low weight neonatos.Vascular clip.
                • Ligature or section and suture of the ductus arteriosus

                Coartaction of the Aorta

                  • Percutaneous angioplasty in neonates
                  • Stent Implantation
                  • Neonatos surgical repair: termino-terminal suture
                  • Infants surgical repair:termino-terminal suture,subclavian flan (Waldhausen).Aortic plastias 

                  Interruption of the Aortic. Type A and Type B

                    • Neonatos Repair : Termino-terminal suture
                    • Infants repair: Termino-terminal suture

                    Vascular Rings and vascular slings

                    Surgical Repair: Ligature, vascular reanastomosis. Correction of anomalies of systemic venous return 

                      • Anomalous drainage of the left cava to the coronary sinus or the left atrium
                      • Anomalies of the coronary sinus: Unroofed

                      Correction of anomalous pulmonary venous drainage and Cor-triatritum

                        • Correction of total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage.Neonates and Infants
                        • Correction of partial anomalous pulmonary venous
                        • Cor-triatriatum correction

                        Correction of the interauricular partition flaws

                          • Percutaneous closure of OSTIUM Secundum and Dual foramen
                          • Surgical Repair Ostium Primum
                          • Surgical Repair Ostium Secundum
                          • Surgical Repair OF Sinus Venosus CIA

                          Complete Ventricular Atrium Channel Correction

                          • Repair with double match technique. Neonates and Infants

                          Correction of Pumonary stenosis and pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum

                            • Ballon valvuloplasty
                            • Pulmonary valvotomy
                            • Two ventricles correction
                            • One ventricle correction
                            • One and a half ventricle correction
                            • Reconstruction  of the outflow tract of the right ventricle
                            • Reconstruction with Homograft 
                            • Correction of dual-chamber right ventricle

                            Correction of Fallot's tetralogy

                            Correction of Pulmonary atresia with ventricular septal

                            Correction of double oultlet right ventricle

                              • Intraventricular tunnel repair
                              • Homograft repair (Rastelli)
                              • Correction of  Taussing-Bing anomaly (Arterial Switch)

                              Correction of transposition of the Great Vessels, simple and complex

                                • arterial Switch
                                • Mustard´s intervention
                                • Rastelli´s intervention
                                • Correcting transposition of the Great Vessels

                                Intraventricular correction of Atrial-ventricular discordance (REV intervention)

                                Correction of Outflow tract obstruction of the left ventricle

                                  • Aortic commissurotomy. Percutaneous Valvuloplasty
                                  • Supravalvular aortic stenosis correction. Stenting
                                  • Correction of the subvalvular aortic stenosis (Membrana Rodete). Ballon Dilation
                                  • Correction of the midventricular stenosis (Septostomias).Percutaneous septal ablation
                                  • Correction with aortic homografts
                                  • Apico-Aortic conduits

                                  Pulmonary autograft (Ross intervention)

                                    • Isolated pulmonary autograft
                                    • Pulmonary autograft associated with Cone intervention

                                    Replacement of Heart Valves with mechanical or Biological protheses

                                    Truncus arteriosus correction

                                    Correction of the univentricular Heart

                                      • Palliative Surgery
                                      • Glenn´s Operation
                                      • Fontan´s Operation

                                      Correction of Hypoplastic Left Heart Síndrome (Norwood)  

                                      Correction of Mitral valve defects 

                                      Correction of abnormalities of the Tricuspid valve (Ebstein´s Anomally)

                                      Correction of the Aorto-pulmonary window

                                      Correction of the Breast abnormalities of Valva

                                        • Repair of the Sinus of valsalva fistula
                                        • Repair of the Sinus of Valsalva Aneurysm

                                        Correction of the coronary fistulas and the anomalous origin of the left coronary 

                                          • Percutaneous closure of fistulas
                                          • Repair with reimplantantion of the coronary button
                                          • Repair technique with Takeuchi
                                          • Heart Transplantation

                                          Heart transplantation in congenital Heart disease

                                            • Heart transplantation in Neonates
                                            • Heart transplantation in Infants and Children
                                            • Support throughout the aortic ballon pump

                                            Endoepicardial cardiac stimulation DAI

                                              • Single chamber pacemaker
                                              • Dual Chamber pacemaker
                                              • Cardiac Resynchronization
                                              • Isolated left ventricular Stimulation
                                              • Implantable cardioverter desfibrillators (DAI)


                                              Cardiovascular mechanic supports(CPS,MEDOS, BALLON PUMP)

                                              Surgery of the Pericardium

                                                • Cadiac Tumors
                                                • Tumors,cysts and diverticula of the front,mid and posterior mediastinum

                                                Cirugía vascular

                                                • Aorto-femoral bypass/aortobifemoral
                                                • Axilo-femoral Bypass 
                                                • Femoro-femoral Bypass 
                                                • Reconstruction of the deep femoral artery
                                                • Femoro-popliteal bypass (Proximal and distal)
                                                • Entrapment of the politeal artery
                                                • Femoro-distal bypass
                                                • Carotid endarterectomy (Internal and external carotid)
                                                • Tumors of the carotid body (resection)
                                                • Subclavian artery revascularization
                                                • Thoracic outlet decompresion
                                                • Carotid-subclavian bypass
                                                • Revascularization of the vertebral artery
                                                • Innominate artery endarterectomy
                                                • Renal artery revascularization
                                                • Mesenterio Revascularization
                                                • Resection of aneurysms of the abdominal aorta
                                                • Aneurysms of other sites (Femoral, Popliteal,etc)
                                                • Ruptured aneuysms
                                                • False Aneurysms
                                                • Mycotic Aneurysms
                                                • Arteriovenous fistulas
                                                • Arteriovenous fistulas for hemodialysis
                                                • Lumbar and thoracic sympathectomy
                                                • Reoperations in vascular surgery
                                                • Vascular traumatisms
                                                • Surgery for acute arterial ischemia
                                                • Fasciotomies
                                                • Limb amputations at different levels by irreversible arterial ischemia

                                                  Cardiovascular Surgery UGC

                                                  Location of the Secretariat

                                                  • External Consultancy Building, 3rd Floor
                                                    TLF: 957-010443 / 957-012829
                                                    FAX: 957-012868

                                                  Consulting Rooms

                                                  • External Consultancy Building, 1st Floor
                                                    TLF: 957-011919
                                                  • General Hospital, 1st Floor
                                                    TLF: 957-012831

                                                  Location of Vascular Explorations

                                                  • General Hospital, 1st Floor
                                                    TLF: 957-010299 / 957-010181

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