We are an initiative from the Government of Andalusia, created in October 2008 with the mission of promoting the development of new therapies in order to improve the population’s health, incorporating advanced therapies in Andalusia as an innovative element in the healthcare and as progress of our region. Being part of the Andalusian Public Healthcare System as well as a strategy of the Regional Ministry of Economy and Knowledge and the Regional Ministry of Employment, Enterprise and Trade, the Coordination Unit of the Andalusian Initiative for Advanced Therapies acts as interface between academia and industry, facilitating translational research and knowledge and technology transfer in this field.

buscamosWe promote advanced therapy research because we are convinced of its potential in the ongoing search for new therapies for diseases where there is still no effective treatment or where improvements can be made in the quality of life of patients suffering from these diseases. In this regard, we try to collaborate with all institutions involved in this field. Our hallmark is the search for synergies among the academic world, research institutions, health centres, patients’ associations, biotechnological SMEs and the pharmaceutical industry. In this search, we have no geographic bounds, collaborating with numerous international institutions such as California Institute for Regenerative Medicine and different international universities.



ofrecemosIn connection with various partner institutions and with the cooperation of Patients’ Associations, the Andalusian Initiative for Advanced Therapies provides wide-ranging support to translational research and provides opportunities for a unique collaboration with the business sector.

Thanks to the fact that our Coordination Unit consists of a highly specialized team in the advanced therapy field, we act as sponsor for over 20 clinical trials in different cell therapy and tissue engineering products and, furthermore, we are also taking the first steps in the gene therapy field. We assist in giving regulatory and scientific advice from the preclinical to the clinical phase of research. This specialized knowledge allows us to offer, among other training programmes, an International Master’s programme in manufacturing of advanced therapy medicinal products, unique in Europe, organized together with the University of Granada.

Our area of expertise ranges from the preparation of the preclinical evidence to justify the start of a clinical trial through the adaptation of the manufacturing the adaptation of the manufacturing process to comply with GMP regulation, the clinical trial design and monitoring, to the finding of strategic associates. We have proven experience providing consultancy services in the development and manufacture of advanced therapy medicinal products.

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somosThe Andalusian Initiative for Advanced Therapies was created in October 2008, promoted by the then Regional Ministries of Health and of Economy, Innovation and Science (currently Regional Ministry of Health, Regional Ministry of Economy and Knowledge and Regional Ministry of Employment, Enterprise and Trade) with the vision for Andalusia to aspire to play a relevant role in the field of advanced therapies, so that research, development and innovation in this field become the drivers for scientific progress, improvement of health and future social and economic development, singling out Andalusia’s identity in the national and international arena.