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Hospital - Servicios Médicos - Cardiovascular Surgery - Presentation


The Clinical Management Unit of Cardiovascular Surgery has a long history in Andalusian  and Spanish public health System,  serving uninterruptedly since 1976. In that year this unit started its activity in  Reina Sofía Hospital. In these four decades there has been a great development of  techniques and procedures of the specialty and a continuous increase in the portfolio of the unit:cardiac and vascular surgery, organ transplantation and the use of mechanical devices for treatment of heart disease in adults and children. 

The current staff of this unit is constituted by highly qualified professionals, by training and experience, involvement and commitment to patients, ongoing training, teaching and research activity, attendance at scientific meetings and training visits to other centers of reference in the same speciality .

 The Clinical Management Unit of Cardiovascular Surgery in Reina Sofía Hospital has several quality accreditations and  it is considered as national reference center in Andalusia for many processes of cardiovascular diseases such as heart transplantation for adults and children, treating heart disease in childhood age, use of artificial organs or the use of human heart valves, etc.. 

Also, this unit is a model of excellence in Spain and Andalusia in the management of healthcare resources, clinical management and organization of public hospital care. 

Clinical activity is the basis of our work, this activity is focused on the patient and clinical outcomes, we have the largest portfolio of Cardiovascular Surgery units of Andalusia and the Spanish State, clinical care is based on rigor in the continuous presence of the professionals and the dedication and commitment of these as well as the application of new techniques and proven useful for patients. 

Likewise are basics but are given great importance: teaching, research, innovation and technological development, all with increasing development and which have high hopes. Along the same lines, achieving comfortable staysthe satisfaction of patients and users, and the careful application of public resources are the standards on which our activity and management is based.

Our unit intends to continue to be of great benefit to the patients, to whom the unit should its role and existence. We are also at their disposal and all citizens, to cater as many as questions we do, with the firm intention to meet them in the shortest possible time, with the highest quality and courtesy.

It is our wish to consolidate our results and experience in all aspects of cardiovascular surgery and continue with the constant improvement of our daily lives, and our welfare, teaching, research and management projects

In this website  users can find plenty of information about our work and our results, as well as ways to access our unity. 

Always at your disposal. 

 UGC Cardiovascular Surgery  Professional team 

Cardiovascular Surgery UGC

Location of the Secretariat

  • External Consultancy Building, 3rd Floor
    TLF: 957-010443 / 957-012829
    FAX: 957-012868

Consulting Rooms

  • External Consultancy Building, 1st Floor
    TLF: 957-011919
  • General Hospital, 1st Floor
    TLF: 957-012831

Location of Vascular Explorations

  • General Hospital, 1st Floor
    TLF: 957-010299 / 957-010181

e-mail: Abre una ventana para envio de correougcccv.hrs.sspa

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