Specialized Services

servicesThe team members of the Coordination Unit of the Andalusian Initiative for Advanced Therapies are experts in the different phases involved in the development of an advanced therapy medicinal product.

Our area of expertise ranges from the preparation of the preclinical evidence to justify the start of a clinical trial through the adaptation of the manufacturing the adaptation of the manufacturing process to comply with GMP regulation, the clinical trial design and monitoring, to the finding of strategic associates. We have proven experience providing consultancy services in the development and manufacture of advanced therapy medicinal products. + info at Services Portfolio


The Coordination Unit of the Andalusian Initiative for Advanced Therapies is committed to fostering synergies. In this regard, we have developed several alliances with institutions, research groups and companies.

The areas of cooperation are wide ranging. They cover every step in the development of advanced therapy medicinal products including basic research, pre-clinical regulations, regulatory and scientific advice, and clinical development as well as the processes involved in patent licensing and know-how.

All these collaborations have been developed in a framework of mutual and strategic benefit striving to enhance the generation of an effective business hub in the field of advanced therapies and regenerative medicine.