Course on Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice (Only available in Spanish)


The online course on “Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice, organized by the Coordination Unit of the Andalusian Network for the design and translation of Advanced Therapies with the collaboration of the Progress and Health Foundation, and the Cádiz Foundation, is intended for Healthcare professionals who participate, or want to participate, in clinical trials. This participation in clinical trials could be as principal researcher, collaborating researcher, healthcare professional - not doctors - who are involved in any position concerning the clinical trial, such as a sponsor or non-healthcare professional in charge of the management of clinical trials.

The main objective of this course is to teach and instruct the participant in the ICH international guidelines on Good Clinical Practice with reference to European Directives and the existing national regulation.



"The Andalusian Network for the design and translation of Advanced Therapies together with the University of Granada established one of the best programmes to learn about ATMPs and the basics of GMP. The tutoring is very interactive not only during practical phase but also in the online-based theoretical sections. You will not miss classes. The programme offers a great chance to get into contact with other people working in ATMP and GMP sectors and to build up networks throughout Europe. You have the chance to exchange experiences with experienced tutors and lecturers, also in regulatory aspects. In addition to learn and be trained, it is really easy to socialize in the sunny area of Andalusia with all its historical sights in the beautiful old city centre of Granada".

Andy Römhild, PhD,
Head of Production
Laboratory of Experimental and Applied Cell Therapy
Berlin-Brandenburg Center of Regenerative Therapies Charité
Berlin, Germany