Patients who have participated or are participating in advanced therapy clinical trials

laboratoriosSince the launch of the Andalusian Initiative for Advanced Therapies, a large number of patients from Andalusia and other Spanish Regional Communities have participated in those clinical trials promoted by the Initiative. In some cases, their participation is still active and they are under the care of their hospital centre in accordance with the strict set protocol. In other cases, their participation has already been concluded, although they are still been treated by their doctors in their routine clinical practice. In either case, we are most interested to know their opinion and feedback by sending us any information they might wish to share.

From the moment that the development of a new medicinal product starts (whether it be an advanced or a conventional therapy) to the time that it can eventually be used in the patient to treat his disease a period of long, hard research must be carried out to prove that the product is both effective to treat the disease and is safe, that is to say, it causes no more harm than that which the therapy is trying to treat. This aspect of our work, the “Surveillance of the medicinal product security”, is one of the most important.  It is ongoing and extends beyond the conclusion of the clinical trial throughout the entire period of time in which it is used (as also happens in the case of any conventional medicine).

If you took part in any of our advanced therapy clinical trials which have already concluded, we would be very interested to hear if you had any health problems, which you feel may have been related to the clinical trial, after the monitoring finished. If so, we would be very grateful if you could contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are currently participating in an advanced therapy clinical trial, we are keen to hear your opinion concerning several aspects related to the trial as well as to the healthcare assistance received. We are concerned to improve as much as possible the attention that the participant patients receive and to be sure that the results of the clinical trials will improve the present and future health of the Andalusian population.  We would be very grateful if you could send us your comments at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






We promote advanced therapy research because we are convinced of its potential in the ongoing search for new therapies for diseases where there is still no effective treatment or where improvements can be made in the quality of life of patients suffering from these diseases. In this regard, we try to collaborate with all institutions involved in this field. Our hallmark is the search for synergies among the academic world, research institutions, health centres, patients’ associations, biotechnological SMEs and the pharmaceutical industry. In this search, we have no geographic bounds, collaborating with numerous international institutions such as California Institute for Regenerative Medicine and different international universities.

The development of new therapies for chronic pathologies without an existing effective treatment will result in a definite benefit for us all and we can all play our part. Any donation you may make will not only help to give hope to thousands of patients but will also bring significant personal tax advantages.