What we offer

ofrecemosIn connection with various partner institutions and with the cooperation of Patients’ Associations, the Andalusian Network for the design and translation of Advanced Therapies provides wide-ranging support to translational research and provides opportunities for a unique collaboration with the business sector.

Thanks to the fact that our Coordination Unit consists of a highly specialized team in the advanced therapy field, we act as sponsor for over 25 clinical trials in different cell therapy and tissue engineering products and, furthermore, we are also taking the first steps in the gene therapy field. We assist in giving regulatory and scientific advice from the preclinical to the clinical phase of research. This specialized knowledge allows us to offer, among other training programmes, an International Master’s programme in manufacturing of advanced therapy medicinal products, unique in Europe, organized together with the University of Granada.

Our area of expertise ranges from the preparation of the preclinical evidence to justify the start of a clinical trial, through the adaptation of the manufacturing process to comply with GMP regulation, the clinical trial design and monitoring, to the finding of strategic associates. We have proven experience providing consultancy services in the development and manufacture of advanced therapy medicinal products.

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