Action Plan and Results

Action planThroughout 2009, intensive analysis and reflection work has been carried out by 7 working groups (with the participation of scientific leaders, clinical researchers, research managers, representatives from patient associations and from academia), an Advisory Committee and a Governing Committee. The outcomes from this reflection process have shaped the Andalusian Initiative for Advanced Therapies’ Strategy and Action Plan for 2010 to 2015, edited and presented in May 2010 (available in this link)

Once the Strategy and Action Plan 2010-2015 was concluded, a report entitled “6 Six Years under Review: Looking back to move forward” was thoroughly prepared (available in this link). The main achievements of this period 2010-2015 are certainly exposed in this report, among which the followings stand out: 


The report also includes the target to be achieved in the period 2016-2020 which lies in consolidating the strategy in advanced therapies in order to guarantee the incorporation of those medicinal products with assessed safety and efficacy into clinical practice, while continuing to develop new treatments and to allow equal access for Andalusian patients to these innovative therapies.

The main objectives expected to be achieved within the period 2016-2020 comprise the followings:review

  1. To create an appropriate organisational framework to coordinate and implement the plan.
  2. To promote not only research, but also, and even more importantly, development and innovation activities.
  3. To retain and attract talent both in research and in development and innovation fields as well as in the management field of this highly specialised area of knowledge.
  4. To deploy the gene therapy and immunotherapy R&D&i line of the Andalusian Initiative for Advanced Therapies.
  5. To prepare the Andalusian Public Healthcare System for the provision of those safe and effective treatments manufactured by the Healthcare System.
  6. To foster the interest of companies and public-private collaboration.
  7. To facilitate citizen participation and collaboration with regulatory agencies and scientific societies in order not to create false expectations in the population and to avoid patients being exposed to fraudulent and illegal use of experimental therapies.